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Reasons you should visit a hair salon regularly

When it comes to keeping your hair in excellent condition, you may be surprised that a regular salon appointment is the key. 

Keeps Your Hair Healthy
It’s no surprise that regular visits to the salon will keep your hair in its healthiest condition. We recommend a trip to the hair salon every 4 weeks to ensure your hair is groomed and cared for properly. Let the professionals at Scissors and Comb care for your hair every 4 weeks by treating your hair, whether it’s a shampoo and wash or a deep conditioning regimen. Allowing professionals to see you on a regular basis ensures that they can keep your locks as fresh as possible.

Relaxing yourself
Going to a beauty salon is the time which is yours only. It is the time for relaxation and enjoys the feeling of being pampered by pedicure, manicure, facial and other beauty treatments. It is going to be an extremely pleasure feeling of massage as well as water and heat treatment on your skin by applying a gentle pressure on the skin. It will be really great to have some quality time in grooming yourself and getting a break from the hectic busy schedule of yours. 

Because you need gift inspiration
t’s gifting time, so you have a lot of shopping to do. Why not multi-task and pick up a few indulgences for your friends and family at the salon? Your stylist can make recommendations for everyone on your list. Don’t forget yourself! Relax with a fashion magazine and let an assistant bring you a cup of coffee. Wear your most comfortable outfit and enjoy the me-time. And what is cozier than a good blowdry ?

No matter how long your hair is, it needs a trim
This owes to the fact that if you don’t get a trim in a month, your hair will start developing split ends, and after a while, won’t grow anymore. A good hair cut will give you a fresh look and you will feel better with the new haircut. The haircut will match your personality and will compliment in every possible way. Hair cutting will help you in maintaining the shape of your hairs and getting rid of unwanted length of hair along with the damaged ones. Doing experiments with your looks can easily be done with the new hair style. The hair style enhances the beauty. Bad hairstyle will have negative impact on your personality and impression on others which is really not a good thing. 

You will miss out on all the treatments you may need
Every woman knows that while sitting in a parlour, she will be serenaded by the beautician with suggestions for her hair, her skin, or even the blackheads on her nose. It’s almost a rite of passage now, and all for good reasons. These suggestions may seem like money-weeding to the sceptics, but they are actually well-meaning, and will prove to be good for you if you give them a shot! However, at home, you will never know when your toenails need a pedicure until it’s 2 AM and you’re staring at your feet thinking you need to get them cleaned if you want to wear those perfect shows for the party tomorrow.

Because you have appearances to make
It is a bit unfair that the busiest time of year is also the time you want to look your best. All these engagements and events mean appearances and party pictures. Even if you feel frazzled by the frenzy of it all, you can book a blowout for the company holiday party and know your hair, at least, is perfect.

So, fret not and give your body the treatment it deserves by booking an appointment at a Scissors and Comb that will treat it well! You can thank us later. Glam up yourself!

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