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Turn a Rainy Day Into a Good Hair Day

Turn a Rainy Day Into a Good Hair Day

Monsoon rounds the corner, prepare your hair for the rains, we have gathered a few tips for you to get through the days.

- Moisture is the essence of wetness, limit your time outside, as well as your time in the rain.

- You need to make sure you're leaving no strand damp from the start. That is, unless you're a big time fan of frizz.

- When your hair gets wet, Blow-dry hair as soon as possible; the quicker it goes from wet to dry, the easier it is to control the frizz. If you're been caught out in the rain with no hair-dryer to be found, apply this technique by getting under a hand-dryer. The downwards-facing nozzle should help smooth your cuticles. With both methods – try and get your hair bone dry then let it cool completely before going back into the elements.

- When you find yourself with wet, knotted hair, make sure you stay away from your usual hair brush and choose a wide-tooth comb instead. Opting for a fine-tooth comb or bristle brush will cause breakage to your hair, which will haunt you way longer than this miserable day.

- As your hair will already be porous from the rain, the more you touch your hair the sweat and heat from your hands can push moisture into the hair shaft, causing it to swell even more so that cuticles become raised - and visibly frizzy.

- Don't brush out any natural wave formations that set in your hair after it gets wet. If your hair has dried with a kink or curl then disturbing it will cause unruliness. To detangle, finger-comb the lengths or use a wide-toothed comb.

- If you're a big fan of the straight and wouldn't want your hair looking anything else, we suggests applying a silicone-based straightening lotion before styling, to coat the hair shaft, protecting it from all that moisture in the air.

- If you've washed and straightened your hair at night, prep for the next day by sleeping in a silk scarf. This will help keep it smooth and straight and that little bit better prepared for the wet weather.

- If your hair is curly or prone to frizz, keep your style extra tight, to hold those spirals in place as long as possible.

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