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Get soft skin this winter

Get soft skin this winter

Winter season,

during these months, our skin tends to get dry, itchy, and dull due to lack of moisture. We usually look around for good cold creams and body butters to moisturize dry skin.
Winter is the time when you stay healthy and fine throughout the day. But, it is also important for you to get optimized with the weather condition. Something to get your skin free from wrinkles and chapped skin layer is really important. Today, people have found out several ways to get best presentation of face during winter. A complete skin care routine is always important.

Scrubbing might make your face a little stretchy. Hence, it is a good idea to moisturize your skin. You can make a moisturizing face pack using ripe papaya, which is so abundantly found in the wintertime.

Peel and seed a small-sized ripe papaya. Mash it well in a bowl using a fork.
Add 1 teaspoon of olive oil to the mashed papaya. Apply the mixture all over your face and neck.
Leave the mixture on your face for about 20 minutes and then wash with warm water. If your skin still needs some more moisturizing, then you might consider using your baby lotion.

Heating systems dry out the air, so consider installing a humidifier in your home, particularly in your bedroom, to put moisture back into the air and help prevent your skin from drying out.

We tend to drink less water in the winter because we turn to hot drinks like cocoa and tea, but don’t forget that your skin needs hydration from the inside, out. A little warm water with lemon can be very refreshing and hydrating at the same time.

First things first, always use a mild toner that suits your skin rather than one loaded with chemicals. A harsh toner could disturb your skin’s PH levels. Toning will remove the post-cleansing residual dirt from your face. Toning not only tightens your skin but also prepares it for the moisturizer, night serum you are about to apply to the face.

The sun may be hiding in winters, but it still manages to peep through the clouds allowing the UVA and UVB rays to harm your skin. Thus, never give sunscreen a miss.

I hope these tips will help you bid goodbye to winter woes. Have you any more tips for winter skincare? Do drop in a text in the comments section below.


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