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Hair Care This Summer

Hair Care This Summer

Summer Hair Care Tips

Like sun damages your skin, it also damages your hair as well. As soon as summer enters, our healthy and beautiful tresses become damaged slowly and lose its shine. You can say the sun cooks our hair making the hair dry and rough with the UV rays. This is the reason why people opt for short hair this season. So it’s important to take proper hair care during this season to protect hair and scalp.

Special shampoos and hair treatments are provided with a special additive that protects hair from the sun’s rays. In addition, there is an easy to use hair spray, which can also be easily sprayed in between the hair, and an additional sun protection.

Lots Of Water:
Save your skin and hair from the excess humidity in the air during summers by drinking plenty of water. Drink more water when compared to other seasons. Keep a water bottle with your all the time and sip some water every now and then.

Oils And Fats:
To protect the hair from drying out, it must be supplied in the first place with a lot of moisture. However, important oils and fats are necessary, because not only the hair but also the scalp should be particularly taken care of hair in summer.

Cover With A Scarf:
Before stepping out cover your entire head and hair with a good scarf and protect your tresses. You can also wish to wear a hat this season.

Olive Oil To The Rescure:
A bit of olive oil, which is done before is slightly warm, pure massaged into the hair ends and there should be able to work overnight best. As a tip for the road itself is a normal hand cream that does not makes you look greasy hair, but the tips can also protect the short term.

Trim It:
Hair growth is faster in summer than in winter. So there’s no problem in growing it back during this season. Trim your hair at the beginning of this season or you may like to have a summer special haircut. By the end of the season or by spring reaches, your hair grows pretty well.

Shampoo and Conditioner:
During summer you sweat a lot. Your scalp becomes sweaty and dirty. So you may wash it frequently. To protect your hair it is recommended to opt for moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Go for a clarifying or anti-residue shampoo once a week and remove the built up product on your scalp.

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We also offer an several options for Keratin Treatments which include: Anti-frizz Smoothing Balm and Kerasmooth Anti-Frizz Treatment but base their use upon the need of the clients hair texture and condition. 
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