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How to take care of your hair in monsoon

As the humidity levels rise, so does frizziness and chances of hair fall. Here are a few hair tips you should follow to save your hair from the monsoon:

- Make sure to wash your hair regularly. Due to the high oil secretion caused by the humidity present, your hair can look flat at the roots.

- Avoid tying your hair while it’s wet. This can lead to hair damage and even bad odour. You can use a good deodorizer to make sure your hair always smells good.

Why you should visit a hair salon regularly

When it comes to keeping your hair in excellent condition, you may be surprised that a regular salon appointment is the key. So many people do not know of all the benefits there are to visiting a hair salon regularly.

Hair Care This Summer

Summer Hair Care Tips

Like sun damages your skin, it also damages your hair as well. As soon as summer enters, our healthy and beautiful tresses become damaged slowly and lose its shine. You can say the sun cooks our hair making the hair dry and rough with the UV rays. This is the reason why people opt for short hair this season. So it’s important to take proper hair care during this season to protect hair and scalp.

Natural Beauty: Hair Care

Hair Care Tips

Incorporate vitamins and minerals that promote hair growth, strength, and shine. Specific nutrients are involved in producing keratin, the protein that makes up hair. Zinc, copper, manganese, iron, folic acid, vitamin B12, and biotin all play an important role in hair health. Before hitting the health food store to stock up on supplements, try increasing your nutrient intake with whole foods for better hair care


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