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Hair Care This Summer

Summer Hair Care Tips

Like sun damages your skin, it also damages your hair as well. As soon as summer enters, our healthy and beautiful tresses become damaged slowly and lose its shine. You can say the sun cooks our hair making the hair dry and rough with the UV rays. This is the reason why people opt for short hair this season. So it’s important to take proper hair care during this season to protect hair and scalp.

Beat The Heat This Summer

UV Sun rays are more intense in summer season so if you go out in season without proper skin protection then scorching sun rays will adversely affect your skin.

Drink Plenty of Water
First of all try to drink plenty of water because it not only keep your body hydrated but also remove toxins from your body.Water requirement during summer season is increased because a lot of water is lost due to excessive sweating during summer season.So try to drink daily at least 12-14 glasses of water.

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